4WARD.VC’s Controversial Climate Tech Investment Thesis

  • The climate warming catastrophically quickly
  • Governments planning MASSIVE amounts of public funding
  • LPs divesting TRILLIONS out of fossil fuels and into ESG and impact
  • Carbon taxes & credits that make climate-friendly business favorable
  • Consumers clamoring for sustainable products and businesses
  • More investors & VCs launching cleantech and climate-focused funds

Because money alone is NOT the answer.

The question is: do you really need 17 iPods?

Which brings us back to our BIG problem.

About 4WARD.VC’s Angel Syndicate (4WARD.VC/syndicate):

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Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Climate Syndicate Lead @ 4WARD.VC | Startup Strategy & Growth Advisor @ mattward.io | Serial Founder: 3 Exits | Looking to join top Climate/Impact VC Fund