5 Favorite Space Focused Podcasts

Matt Ward
4 min readSep 2, 2018

Are you interested in space? Do you look up into the night sky and dream bigger, wondering what or who is out there, are we alone and what mysteries of the universe have yet to be uncovered?

If you haven’t realized already, we here at FringeFM are nuts about space and the implications it holds for humanity. We all know our future and destiny lies in the stars, yet often it can feel so far away, so intangible.

We try to feature as many innovators and thought leaders focused on the all-important mission of expansion and survival in space, but like all futurists, we always want more. If you haven’t checked out all our space episodes to date, we recommend doing that first.

To supplement our interviews and conversations here at FringeFM, we have put together a list of our favorite podcasts/Youtube channels to help other space aficiandos get their otherworldly kick.

Our 4 favorite space focused podcasts

Yes, you read that right. These are podcasts our team love and listen to. We may leave off other deserving podcasts but can only recommend shows and content we ourselves listen to and love, ie integrity!

1. Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur

We had Isaac Arthur, the host of SFIA on FringeFM not that long ago. The episode was a blast where we covered a ton of material, from the future of interplanetary travel, the misconceptions about the Fermi Paradox, the reason we’ll probably live in Dyson cylinders rather than terraforming planets and much much more.

If you love these topics, you will love Isaac’s podcast and/or Youtube channel. On the show Isaac breaks down in-depth future tech projects/prospects to bring clarity to topics such as colonizing space (various stars, the Moon or Mars), building space elevators and other space launch technologies, exploring the Fermi Paradox and possibility of extraterrestrial life and much much more. Cannot recommend this highly enough, just make sure you watch the beautiful videos accompanying the content.

2. AstronomyCast

We just had Fraser Cain, the founder of Universe Today and host of AstronomyCast on FringeFM and if you haven’t checked that out, we highly recommending pausing this to have a listen.

Unlike SFIA, AstronomyCast brings listeners across a highly educational, well-researched overview of modern astronomical science and understanding, including major experiments in the history of astronomy, incredible technological breakthroughs, high level science at an easy to understand level and much more. Publishing on both Youtube and iTunes, Astronomy Cast is great for individuals excited about the here and now of space and wanting to keep up with all the current news and trends.

3. Planetary Radio

Unlike Astronomy Cast which features two expert guests who discuss and debate interesting topics in the fields of space and astronomy, Planetary Radio is an interview style show where they are visited by a scientist, engineer, project manager, advocate or writer who provides a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond.

These are pretty entertaining in addition to being very informative and while a recently new addition to our list, one we highly recommend you check out if space fascinates you.

4. StarTalk Radio

StarTalk Radio is a podcast on space, science, and popular culture hosted (not for every episode) by famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, with various comic and celebrity co-hosts and frequent guests from the worlds of science and entertainment, including Bill Nye.

Star Talk is definitely the most “entertainment” focused of our recommended podcasts but does good job of mixing fact with fun to create an original show that even most kids would enjoy and feel inspired by. You can listen here on iTunes.

5. Of course, FringeFM

FringeFM is the podcast that explores the edges of human understanding and looks at the technologies, trends and societal norms shaping our collective future. Here the world’s top minds share their insights and predictions on the convergence, direction and ethics of exponential technologies transforming life as we know it.

Imagine longform TED Talk with similar caliber guests, but the ability to discuss a much wider range of topics and explore controversial areas in a no-holds barred, as long as it takes format. Every episode is fun, engaging and leaves you longer for more, excited about the future and interested in taking action.

You can subscribe to FringeFM on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, any Android app/platform, Spotify, Youtube or just on our site!

BONUS: Prefer books? Here is our favorite

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Sagan inspired a generation of space explorers, scientists and astronomers for a reason, he was just that good. Even decades later, Cosmos rings true and has power to both delight and excite readers. We highly, highly recommend it and it is no wonder it is one of the best selling science books of all time.

You can grab Cosmos here on Amazon or get a free audiobook copy here from Audible, either way know you are supporting FringeFM!

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At FringeFM we explore the edges of human understanding and look at the technologies, trends and societal norms shaping our collective future.

Here the world’s top minds share their passion projects and how advances in genomics, space travel, connected devices, artificial intelligence and other exponential tech is converging to create the future of tomorrow.

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