Announcing 4WARD.VC’s Partner in Clime Evergreen Climate Accelerator

Matt Ward
3 min readDec 8, 2022

What if I told you it was time to reimagine the ENTIRE venture industry?

Who ever said accelerator cohorts should be enormous, impersonal and constantly growing, indexing the entire startup landscape (so they’re never really vested in the success of any one company) and offering generic advice on creating investor FOMO and raising your round…? Instead of actually getting customers and making progress was the way to go?

And why the heck is the industry standard fund an artificially short 10 (+2) years which incentives VCs to force portfolio liquidity, even when it often hurts founders and the company’s long term prospects/mission?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to hold generation-defining companies almost indefinitely?

Plus, most climate companies and HARD hardware/real world startups take longer than 10–12 years to become massive? Just think how long it took to build the ENTIRE infrastructure that runs our modern world…

Well, with climate change and the green transformation, we’re literally rebuilding the ENTIRE world’s infrastructure & economy.

And if Rome wasn’t built in a day, why should the next AWS of energy infrastructure be?

That’s why we’re very excited to announce the next chapter in 4WARD.VC, our Partner in Clime Climate Accelerator, which is breaking ALL the rules when it comes to venture capital and climate tech investing with the world’s most hands-on, engaged, network-enabled, constantly open (accepting new 1–2 new companies a month instead of making founders wait 3–9+ months for the next cohort) accelerator focused not on pretty pitch decks and ad-inflated artificial J-curves, but on real, practical traction: ie. on getting customers, pilots, revenues and real world results.

Because that’s what matters, especially in today’s economy — traction and results. Gone are the days of paper napkin pitch decks or pithy promises of future revenue. It’s time to get real. It’s time to grit your teeth, get down to business and ACTUALLY build a business.

That’s where 4WARD.VC comes in — partnering with 1–2 of the most promising climate startups per month in a 10 week deadsprint of steroid-like introductions, networking, sales/outreach templates & systems and fundraising help to take your awesome (but maybe struggling to raise or went through another incubator or accelerator which didn’t deliver) startup to the next level (ie. adding 2–3 new clients/pilots etc…) and helping you raise your REAL round.

To do that, we’ve built an AMAZING advisor network of 35+ industry experts, investors and super-connectors to help our companies crush it on business development and fundraising with strategic intros to the most relevant, big name companies, funds, partners and talent you need to scale.

Because a warm intro is worth 100+ cold emails (and even then, we’ll teach you how to make your cold outreach land big and fill your pipeline :)

For more details, please visit:

So, are you interested? If you’re a CRAZY ASS founder tackling a BIG, DIRTY real world problem, we’d love for you to apply for our Partner in Clime Climate Accelerator.

And if you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat.



Matt Ward

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