Is Web3 Bullsh*t?

Belief built upon financial gain

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Web3 must just be the answer for everything… your “perfect” silver bullet.

Imagine if Jehovah’s Witnesses (or evangelical preachers…) got paid for every single person they converted to their cause.

Is web3 just another scam?

So what are the trade-offs of web3?

But I actually love web3

My 11 Big & Bold Blockchain predictions (as of Jan 2018)

  1. Some governments around the world will begin to embrace crypto while others will crackdown.
  2. Blockchain will radically change voting and governance, creating a more transparent voting system.
  3. Freedom of money will create a more geographically free world, where citizens can more easily pick up and leave in situations of strife.
  4. Blockchain will greatly simplify recording keeping, reducing the need for a large percentage of government employees whose sole job is paperwork.
  5. Smart contracts are overrated.

Closing thoughts

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Matt Ward

Matt Ward

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