Millions in Minutes — The Zoom Boom in Covid Era Startup Fundraising

How Traditional Venture Funding Works(ed)

Here’s how startup fundraising used to work, at least for founders going the cold outreach approach:

Covid-19 Changed Everything

Suddenly, we weren’t allowed to meet one another and it took just as long to read and evaluate a pitch deck, whether or not it had an SF IP address. Suddenly, investors were forced to consider only the content and quality of the presentation and idea, not the in-person charisma of the founder.

One-Click Instant Investments

There are two sides to every coin. And as a consequence of startups having better access to the best investors, investors also had better access to the best startups.

Enabling More Investors to Get into Venture

But that’s not all. What about the destruction of demo days? Suddenly, recent accelerator grads from prestigious places like YCombinator, 500Startups and TechStars (many of whom participated in remote programs anyway), rather than pitching in front of a select group of several hundred plus angels and VCs at the end of the program, had access to accredited investors across the globe thanks to a new wave of Remote Demo Days. (Speaking of, if you’re an accredited investor and are interested in access to more quality startup deal flow, apply here to join our vetted investor group).

The Macroeconomic Drivers of Venture Capital

Since the Coronacrisis’ first outbreak in March of 2020, governments have raced to react, some better than others. But one thing remained constant, at least amongst “first-world” countries able to afford it: economic stimulation in the form of printing more money. LOTS of it.

Source: McKinsey — As of June 2020
S&P 500 Price Index by Year

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Matt Ward

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