Superhuman Slavery

Christopher Columbus, Conquistadors and Genetic Engineering

Our power exceeds our grasp…

NOTE: this is not a doomsday post about the many threats humanity faces. This is more important. Let me explain.

A history of inequality

You could argue we are living in the most equal era of human history. Conditions around the world are vastly improved over just 10, 20, 50 years ago. And compared with much of human history, we are living in near utopia — a safer, healthier world than any of our ancient ancestors could have ever imagined.

Slavery sells

While slavery is morally indefensible, historically it has been incredibly popular and profitable. And surprise surprise, it seems to have cropped up throughout human history again and again (Source, and shocking timeline).

It took a Civil War to end slavery in America.

(Factory farming is another great example of exploitive “slavery”. Rather than elaborating further, see the following interview with Mike Selden of Finless Foods, a company synthetically manufacturing fish meat)

Exponential evolution

The advent of CRISPR technology will likely be THE MOST IMPORTANT technology of our era, vastly outstripping mere communication tools like the internet and mobile phone.

If there is a god, he is probably coding on CRISPR-esque computer, shaping the world with lines of genetic code.

Now our power really exceeds our grasp…

The cat is out of the bag, the question is how long it stays still.

Innovation is expensive

When computers first came out, none but corporations and governments could afford the ~$3M price tag. It was only after several decades of experimentation, improvement and cost reduction that personal computers began to enter the home. The tech was too big and too expensive for the masses.

Technology might save us (sort of)

The thing is, if we are smart enough to succeed with enhancing ourselves, we are probably smart enough to succeed in creating robots capable of most if not all basic tasks/labor. This could lead to an era of abundance unlike any other.

Closing thoughts

We are entering into the most interesting era of human existence where our powers and abilities as individuals become exponential amplified — whether for good or for evil. By considering societal and ethical issues before they arise, we can attempt to control the outcomes and align interests for the betterment of humanity.

“The times they are a-changin’ “— Bob Dylan

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Matt Ward

Climate Syndicate Lead @ 4WARD.VC | Startup Strategy & Growth Advisor @ | Serial Founder: 3 Exits | Looking to join top Climate/Impact VC Fund