SELECT FROM WHERE? is a bi-weekly roundup of the latest and most pressing data and analytics news and best practices to help analysts, business teams, and IT professionals maximize their organization’s data-driven success!

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Welcome back to SELECT FROM WHERE? Thanks for choosing to dive deeper with us into the best the data and analytics world has to offer.

That is actually why I decided to start this newsletter. We all know with data, it is only as good as its source. And with so much noise out there, it can be nearly impossible to filter through.

My goal…

What if discovering insights from any data was as simple as just asking a question? Well now, it is! And we have some great datasets for you to explore.

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At Veezoo, we believe natural language is the key to democratizing data and building great, data-driven organisations that move the world forward.

Our mission is to empower anyone to use and leverage data to make real-time, data-driven decisions — no code or complex Excel required.

That’s why we are so excited to announce the launch of our new Open Data Demo Explorer — a database of open…

Show me the money! That is the number one mantra Tom Cruise must adopt in Jerry Maguire to go from being fired as a struggling sports agent to one of the top reps in the hyper competitive world of sport agencies. And although it is a fictitious story, underneath is one of the sales’ industries most important truths: it ALL comes down to making your numbers and closing deals.

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That is why, in the high pressure world of sales, commissions, and bonuses, so many companies turn to Veezoo to empower their sales teams to make real-time…

SELECT FROM WHERE? is a bi-weekly roundup of the latest and most pressing data and analytics news and best practices to help analysts, business teams, and IT professionals maximize their organization’s data-driven success!

Originally posted on Revue here!

Hi there!

Welcome to the first ever instalment of SELECT FROM WHERE?

My name is Marcos Monteiro, CEO of Veezoo, and my goal with this newsletter is to share the latest and most relevant trends, topics, articles and best practices from the world of data, analytics, and IT as whole.

As they say, “Data is the new oil,” but as we all know, it takes a bit…

ABC. Always Be Closing. The iconic motivational phrase spoken by Alec Baldwin’s character in the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross rings especially true in the online E-commerce marketplace of 2021.

Today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce environment makes it difficult for you as an online retailer to actually “close” deals with many potential shoppers. An increasing number of shoppers choose to simply browse the products on your website, read the reviews and compare prices without actually making a purchase. Many customers tend to add products to their virtual shopping carts but do not follow through with a final purchase. Why do visitors…

Data has been dubbed the “new oil” upon which empires are built. Yet, despite its potential value, most insights remain difficult, if not impossible to unearth without the use of artificial intelligence — which often brings it outside the realm of your everyday employee.

At Veezoo, we believe everyone should be empowered to use data-driven insights to improve their work, productivity, and performance without having to call IT or the tech team and then wait days to get an answer. …

Data is the new oil and artificial intelligence is the new electricity upon which business empires are built. Today, every company HAS TO be a tech company or face obsolescence as more and more forward-thinking organizations follow Silicon Valley’s lead in embracing the value of data.

But becoming a data-first company and building a culture of creative innovation and data-driven insights and actions is not an easy task. …

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San Francisco, New York, Berlin, London, Shanghai… If I asked you to list the top startup tech hubs globally, these established powerhouses would certainly top the charts. They produce the majority of the elite of tech companies and the lion’s share of venture returns. And every city is trying to become the “next Silicon Valley” — without the massive homelessness and extreme inequality, of course :)

But as an American expat (and serial entrepreneur, startup growth and strategy advisor, occasional investor, and aspiring VC) that recently moved back to Zurich, Switzerland, I must say, I was shocked at the rapid…

Is this the Death of Dirty Business?

Written by Matt Ward and Gerd Leonhard

Since the advent of the microprocessor, and even more so since the dotcom boom and bust cycle of the 90s, the economy has been transforming from one based on hard goods, assets, and rxaw materials to one focused almost entirely on digital technology and infrastructure. Once Fortune 500 companies have been reduced to ash as innovative startups have swallowed up ever larger portions of the economic pie, many like Netflix vs Blockbuster, online news, or AirBnb vs any hotel chain, simply by removing the real-world physical costs of real estate.

This trend is…

By Matt Ward and Gerd Leonhard

In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed his now well-known theory of human motivation, ie, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs — starting with physiological things like food, water, and shelter, and increasing in complexity and fulfilment, culminating in self-actualization: the achievement of one’s personal and creative potential.

While that may seem a strange starting point for a conversation on the future of work and jobs in a post-automation world, it is not. The truth is, we are rushing into a future of mass automation where most manual labor and “left-brained” thinking becomes the domain of robotics and…

Matt Ward

Marketing @ Veezoo: Ask your data anything! — Serial Entrepreneur, Strategy & Growth Hacker, Startup Advisor @ Venturelab: | 3 Exits @mattwardio

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